Q1. Who founded Sweet Home and why?

Ans. Mr. Avinash Jain is the founder of Sweet Home. On the eve of Children’s Day, he visited an orphanage run by an old gentleman, Baba John Dayal. There he saw many children playing and enjoying with the gentleman. He got filled with affection and sympathy towards those children who were devoid of the parental love. He thought orphan hood brings injustice, disadvantage and destitution for them though no fault of their own. We keep on lamenting for our own worries but what about these small angels who are going through such a dark side of the life.
So, Mr. Avinash Jain decided to serve this underprivileged section of the society. Then finally in 1997 he established his own orphanage, named Sweet Home, beginning with four children.

Q2. What is Sweet Home?

Ans: It is the home for underprivileged, needy, impoverished, homeless and orphaned children. Here the children are provided with complete care and affection. They undergo regular studies and the children who are not able to study are provided with the suitable vocational training as per their capabilities.“Sweet Home for cute angels”

Q3. Who are eligible to be the part of Sweet Home family?

Ans: The children who are orphan, homeless, underprivileged and destitute

Q4. Till which stage Sweet Home takes care for the child?

Ans: When they become self sufficient, are married and can sustain on their own. But, inspite of this they are under the direct or indirect supervision of us. We do our best to provide them ever growing future.

Q5. What steps are taken in the field of Education?

Ans: Each and every child in the ashram goes to either Hindi or English medium school. We motivate our children by doing regular counseling. To keep them update with the present scenario we focus on their English speaking. Moreover we try our level best to motivate those who are not interested in going to school and make up their mind to study. Till 18, if they don’t take any interest in their studies, then we arrange for more training and employments for them. Apart from school education we do make arrangements for private tuition at ashram only as well as in coaching centers as per the need of the students.

Q6. What are your future plans for your children?

Ans: We hope for a joyful, blessed and cheerful life for our children. We want them to lead a life as others do by motivating and preparing them to face all the ups and downs of life. At Sweet Home we teach our children to first become a good human being and then to strive for a self sufficient and well settled life. We want them to touch the heights with flying colors.