Sweet Home is a home-style residential care facility for orphans/missing GIRL CHILD registered and working under the guidelines of the JJ Act, 2000. Sweet Home Girls’ Ashram is managed under the guidance of Mr. Avinash Jain.
The primary reason behind existence of Sweet Home is to provide an adequate amount of food, health care, shelter, cloth, education facilities for the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of such unfortunate kids.

Sweet home is indulged into inculcating moral values in the girls we nurture & support them in raising above all the myths prevalent in the society as well as come out successfully with flying colours.
Sweet Home Girls' Ashram propagates the model of a 'Family Home' where 8 to 10 children along with a mother and an elder sister live in a family home (One master bedroom, kitchen, washroom, store room, balcony) and understand the concept of being in a family so that when these girls get married and have to reside in a family, they are not alien to the concept of a 'family' and how things work in a home.

The focus is not on simple childhood survival only, but through education, our ultimate goal is to shatter the cycle of poverty, allow our Sweet Home children to do extremely well in their lives and rise above the norms of the society.

Sweet Home Girls' Ashram, currently has a capacity of accommodating 200 children in its premises at Najafgarh, Delhi. The Sweet Home is adjoining to a civil hospital, dental clinic, govt. & private schools.

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