I take this privilege and am proud to inform you that ours is one of the only organization in INDIA that provides free boarding and longing, education and complete care to the girls of and above the age of 18 who are orphans and / or homeless or where parents find it difficult to educate the girl child.

Sweet Home Anathalya is situated at 553/553B adjoining Metro Station Gate No.3 Najafgarh, New Delhi 110043.

Who we are?

Sweet Home is the niche for some of our underprivileged daughters, who deserve our affection and care for a bright future ahead. We share the plight of underprivileged daughters and are trying our best to enlighten their lives with a new ray of hope.

To accept on orphan to be your own is one of the most beautiful and loving things one can do. It is life changing. We are trying our best to make the two ends meet.

Every child has different goals on which we support and motivate them so that they can achieve their goals and be independent.

Every child has a right to education as per fundamental rights so we are providing them education free of cost. According to their interest and abilities we try our level best to keep them literate with all means and efforts.

Here, each child goes to school and college as per their education. Every child gets tutions of every subject according to their classes. Apart from the subject tutions every child gets basic computer and English classes to enhance their knowledge.

According to their abilities and interest they are provided with various types of vocational trainings like cooking, stitching, cleaning, house keeping etc. and the students who are interested in studying are not at all burdened with any sort of training.

Apart from school education we do make arrangements for private tutions at Sweet Home for those students who are not interested in going school so that they are able to read and write on their own.



Procedure for Admission

Children approach us through police or social workers. Their medical check ups are being done and reports are prepared. Then they undergo an IQ test on the basis of which they are given admission in different classes.

Life at Sweet Home

Semi orphans are allowed to visit their relatives, for 7-15 days and for 1-2 days during festival time. During this period they are under the supervision of their guardian but once they are back we don't allow any sort of their interference.

Mr. Avinash Jain is Patron of Drone Educational & Cultural Society
(All India)

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