Maika: -

As the name “MAIKA" itself suggests - Mother's house, Sweet Home Anathalaya has specially arranged "Maika" for women. "Maika" is associated with the depth of the heart of any married and unmarried woman. In last 25 years, as we have seen, the problems for women have increased day by day therefore, the organization understand all the problems of women and establish a MAIKA to overcome their problems. Any woman who is suffering by domestic violence or gives up hope for living, or get divorced and not able to find any shelter, she is been sheltered here in sweet home with her kids.






Sangam Path lab: -

We at sweet home running a Sangam Path lab with the message “ye vyapaar nahi sewa hai” and serving needy people at up to 90% lesser rates of blood tests, other test such as X-ray, ECG, MRI, and other medical tests, OPD, free eye operations etc.






Family Foster Care: -

In recent due to covid-19 we met with 4 children namely Bhavishya (20), Disha (17), Ansh (12), Vansh (15). Whose mother died 12 years back and father left them alone in covid 2nd wave. Contacted Mr. Avinash Jain our founder who took immediate measure and adopted that family under our program called Family Foster Care. In which we take care for all their day to day need like home rent, electric bills, food, clothing, education in spite of sending them to the orphanages or to relative's home. We take responsibility to keep their life going on as it was till, they become self-depended.






Free Trading: -

By collecting usable old & new items from donor and forward it to the needy free of cost like cloths, furniture etc. Medical Assistance During Pandemic during the period of covid-19 Sweet Home Anathalay came forward in donation of 50 medical beds with mattresses to ISKON(10), Bhagwan Mahaveer Hospital Rohini (20), Tamnna Home(4), 16 children home (1 bed each).






Self-Sustain Home (Girls/Boys Home): -

Along with the girls home our generous Mr. Avinash Jain found that orphan boys after the of age 18 years were forced to leave JJA home at this stage they don’t have guidance and often get misguided. So, he started self-sustain home for those boys at Palam, Delhi. He supports them financially, morally, ration help, crash courses. Works as guardian for them.




Ritik has now joined as a supervisor at Farm House with support of self-sustain home and now he is self-depended & living happily.

Ankit, Umesh, Yogesh Sahu, Satish, Garima, Aarti, Rani, & Tamana has now been appointed as Trainee in Goodrich Logistics Pvt. Ltd. with a handsome stipend.






Social welfare:

In recent days Megha contacted us who is perusing PhD in Commerce from Patna as she was our Sweet Home family member few years back, our heartfelt sorrow when we got to know that she is suffering from Brain Tumor and lost her left eye due to this deses, we are trying to cure her from distance thru emotions and financial support. Her daily Injections, Medicines and Tests are being taken care by Mr. Avinash Jain.