The infrastructure of a Children Home should be designed keeping in mind the need of giving a family atmosphere to its inhabitants, so that they feel like being a part of a family This ensures that when they step out of their respective children homes into the open atmosphere of the society, they feel themselves to be part of it.
To achieve the said objective, the concept of 'Indian family' should be incorporated.


How does the Family Concept work?


Composition of a Family Home

Every Children Home operating on the basis of Family Concept should consist of following facilities:


Safety and Security


Inculcating Discipline And Way Of Life

Every Family Home should have a proper schedule and time table for children who live in that Family home.
Regular Diet chart for providing a balanced Diet prepared and suggested under the guidance of JJ Act, 2000.
Innovative season wise menu card is prepared to keep some healthy diet options.

Summer and Winter Menu card are as follows:


(April to September)
Menu Card




(October to March)
Menu Card


Sometimes, a change in the dish to be prepared may happen due to children’s wish or because of any special occasion.


Didi Concept

Under this concept children below the age of 9 years are managed under the supervision and guidance of an elder DIDI or Sister from the family. The management staff of Sweet Home found this concept very useful and innovative which resulted in better coordination and cooperation between the elders and the younger children.


Innovative Cabinet System

Under this concept responsibility of the various section of the Children Home like Kitchen Department, Laundry Department, Health Department, IT Department etc are distributed among the elder Children to develop management skills.

Name of the Department Function
Finance Minister Manage the expenses
Entertainment Minister Arrange entertainment program schedule etc
Sports Minister Arrange Sports facilities
Food Minister Ensure the menu /quality  of food
Foreign Minister Take care of Guests in SH
Home Minister Over all admin work


Monthly Visits to Schools

For evaluation of their progress in school. Mostly all the parent- teacher meetings are attended by the management staff to evaluate and enhance the performance of the children in the academic as well as extra-curricular activities.


Tuition Classes

The ultimate aim of any Children Home is to impart quality education in the children thus extra efforts must be put in by the tuition teachers appointed for additional support in studies which gives more clarity to the issues and queries that the children face during studies. This responsibility has been given to 2 regular teachers who constantly focus on the progress of the children individually.



Internet facility, TV programs and movie shows must be seen under the supervision of the management staff.
A particular type of time table is followed according to the school timings and vocations of the respective child.


Time Table (Summer Vacations; Regular School Days)

Summer Vacations

Time Table


Regular School-Days

Time Table


According to Mr. Avinash Jain's perspective simplicity is the most beautiful thing to admire. Keeping this in mind, simple attire or a dress code should be encouraged.

The above mentioned time table gives a proper system to be followed in a Children Home which helps to inculcate discipline in the lives of the children from the very beginning. Having a time table also helps in developing accountability and responsibility.


Child Welfare Committee (CWC)

This committee is a group of personnel appointed from various social backgrounds formed by the Women and Child Department at district level to plan and execute various welfare schemes for the children who are in need of care and protection.

Whenever any child is found on the street or at a place without any clue about his/her parents /guardians either by Police Department /Social workers or by any public spirited citizen, he/she is produced before Child Welfare Committee so that the Child’s Condition is duly evaluated and he/she is properly rehabilitated according to his/her needs under JJ Act, 2000.
When any Child is sent to The CHILDREN HOME under Rehabilitation process by CWC, a certain protocol is followed which is given below-

CWC monitors the well-being of the children very closely. It is mandatory that the children visit CWC preferably, on a quarterly basis. But they also do surprise visits to the CHILDREN HOME as and when they want to without taking any prior appointments. CWC is a wonderful arrangement by the State and the Central government because whenever a children home invite CWC, they make a visit and provide mental as well as financial support as per the requirements. The government has been very generous in providing grants to the children homes at different time intervals.