21. Inspirational Story of Sushmita

A girl named Sushmita from a village in Uttar Pradesh lives in NGO since her childhood. Her father used to drink a lot and abuse her,also used to beat her mother and hit her stomach because of which the child died in stomach only. Their was no support from neither her mother's family nor from her father's family so her mother send her to NGO and got her second marriage.

Earlier sushmika used to live in other different NGO's she thought that there is no other NGO left for above 18 years,later she got to know about an NGO in Najafgarh named MAIKA who can keep above 18 years students. So in college times she took admission in this MAIKA NGO and from starting only she got full support from the NGO team she discussed all the matter with the team and told that she want to become IAS and will prepare for UPSC. She was shocked in starting because she have never seen such great facilities by an NGO. If she was in her village at this time than she could not complete her education and pursue her dream carrier because the village is very backward and there is less education facilities and perform child marriages.

Her main motive of becoming an IAS is to improve the condition of her village and provide all best facilities possible. She also want people to inspire from her.

We get to learn so much from these Inspiring stories Coming from such a bad environment,facing worst situations still motivated to do something in life.

So I request you all to please celebrate your happiness with these people and also donate as per your pocket so that we can help in improving their lives.


A girl whose name is Nandini she is from Odisha she is living in Maika from 3 months when she was in 9 class her parents decided to divorce she is in contact with her mother her father beats her without any reason and she also informed child helpline but they were doing things officially like making a case and then investigating it so she doesn't want to do this procedure and she not want to live with her father so one she left her home and then she lived in a hostel in Odisha and by taking help of a friend she goes to AndhraPradesh then she studied from correspondence and then she became a teacher in school then she dream of becoming an IAS officer to make her own identity she wants to help other persons like her, now she is studing in a coaching institute

she is Maika as she search on google, youtube, and then she contacted Maika to be a part of it Maika has also solved many cases of divorced husband wife and by providing them counselling to live a happy life and now nandini is happy with the environment of Maika she has two brothers also they also can't continue their study because of her father and her mother is living in his father and mother house and now nandini is preparing for upsc exams to become an IAS officer.


A women who married two months ago has come to Maika Sweet Home as her Mother in law argues with her often and says that she does not do any work, and she is from Delhi and she has done arrange marriage by the help of her father. Her mother in law also provoke her father in law and says that she will leave her daughter in law to her father's home and also provoke her husband so she explain her husband to not come in her mother's words then she says to her husband that we both husband-wife will live on a rent house then her husband agreed. Her husband works as an painter. Her husband convinces her mother. She has two sister in law and both of them complains about her. And both her sister in law are bigger in age than her and both are married. And her husband's

brother's wife also argues with her. Her husband supports her and was saying that she should not go anywhere. And her mother in law lies to her and says that she has to make her ration card and then she leaves her in her father's house. And then her father says that I have to go to sell vegetables daily so if I am not in home who will take care of you and then her father makes her admission in Maika Sweet Home.


A Women have to come in Maika Sweet Home as her father and other family members says that it is our house and don't want to live her in their house and her husband says that it is my house and he don't want her to live in his house and because both houses were not ready to live her in their houses she had to come to Maika Sweet Home. 24 years have been done of their marriage but sometimes she has to go her father's house because of arguments. She has two childrens one is boy and one is girl. Her childrens said you should not go, you should live with us only. they both childrens are of 6-7 years. Her husband wants to do all things according to himself and shows that he is owner of the house and the house will run by himself and his decisions. His husband says

that you are like a servant and this hurt her wife. Her husband does job of driving car in a private company. She became aware of Maika Sweet Home by searching on youtube and by contacting. Then she visited it and take admission in it. Now she likes Maika environment and she is happy to live here.


A women have to come in Maika Sweet Home from Bareilly,Uttar Pardesh(UP). She got married 6 years ago and got two children a boy and a girl but her family wanted boy only. After she got a girl they kicked her out of the house.

Her famlily used to scold and abuse her on daily bases. They also used to beat her and asked for "Dowry". The family used to provoke her husband to beat her. They also used to say bad words like "You work as prostitute". They not ever treated her children with medical aid. The marriage was a love marriage.

She also used to make her husband understand and solve the issues but he used to say "you are not more supreme then my mother".

After leaving the house she used to live in station with her 10 days old girl and 2.5 year old boy.

After that she searched on youtube regarding sweet home an then she came to MAIKA SWEET HOME NAJAFGARH and she is having good experience there.

The owner of this sweet home "AVINASH JAIN" is doing great work for society.

Its been 1 month she came to MAIKA and her husband not even called once.

Even police department of that area didn't take any action in Bareilly,UTTAR PARDESH(UP).

Now she is getting all respect upbringing and everything in the sweet home free of cost and her life is totally changed and improved now.


At age 4,Geetanjali was in Hostel in haryana and completed her schooling from there only. But this hostel was till 18 year old students only. She want to pursue carrier in fashion designing but their parents don't allow her. So to pursue her carrier and submit the course fees she started working as a part time receptionalist in hospital.

After that she got married and it was a love marriage everthing was going fine but suddenly her husband faced a major accident because of which he passed away.

After that incident she faced lot of challenges and not got any support from both families.

Her mother beat her a lot when she was pregnant and kicked her out of home.

She also thought for suicide at that time but then she saw her baby and dropped the idea of suicide.

She comed to delhi from ghaziabad barefoot and sit in library where she came across a women who offered a job in sales. She also came across an astrologer women, she told everything happening with her to the astrologer. The astrolger connected Geetanjali with an NGO in Dwarka

Then the time for her baby delivery arrives and was one of the most struggling time for her as even hospital has rejected for assistance because there was no father of the baby. After many people requested the hospital then she got delivery of her baby girl.

After that she had to leave the NGO also as the guardian uncle of that NGO was passed away.

Then she came across a women who kept her in their house for 2 days after that the women said you have to do call girl work to live here but geetanjali rejected and flew out of the house in night.


In covid-19 lockdown her job was left There was no food to eat She used to make her daughter eat Sugar and water or mix water with biscuit as there was no food with her. where she lived on rent the landlord said that she should sell her daughter and live your life alone but her mother said that her daughter is her life she will not do this. She attempted suicide 2 times one time with her daughter also she tried to suicide. But now she is getting full support from Ngo and she is also continuing her studies and she has done Bcom. And fashion designing. And her daughter is also studying in School. And now she is very happy in Ngo and she is living a good life here. She thinks that from when she has come to Ngo her new life has begin. She has been motivated in all these situations from her daughter she thinks that her

daughter will do something for her in future. She wants to give all her talent to her daughter and good moral values to her daughter. And she wants her daughter to represent India and she only few times she had talked to her mother on phone. She never get motivation from her mother or her family she only get demotivation from her family. She only get motivated from Ngo only.


She says she want her daughter to represent India and she has a dream that her daughter should go to Nasa. Her daughter name is jasmine and she is 5 years old and her daughter gets all facilities in the Ngo good food, good education, and other facilities also and now Geetanjali also motivates other people who come to Ngo and do counselling of them. She says at today's time it is very important to study and have knowledge for womens, girls and all people. She said at hard times no friend helped her. She said everything now are modern and online everyone shouls learn some skills like in the Ngo who are less educated women to those skills are provided so that they learn the skills, work and they can be self dependent like stiching, cooking, nursery of plants, beauty parlour, and kids also do cooking here in the

Ngo and make food like momos, pizza, chinese food, these trainings are given to them for their future and if they are not good in study so they can be self dependent and she says that soon she will also do work of fashion designing. She says she has two ideals for motivation 1 is Mother Teresa and 2 is Avinash Jain (Founder of Ngo) now Geetanjali is 24 years ago and she says that her daughter has also struggled with her in hard times and we all should learn and motivate from Geetanjali and her story.

13. A story of women of 4.5years of torturous marriage with a boy child of 3years.

A story of women of 4.5years of torturous marriage with a boy child of 3years. A Delhi born and bought up women thought that she is getting married to a decent boy having been studied from gurukul and have no drinking and smoking habit. Sadly, after marriage she saw the life turned upside down, everyday she suffered her husband's mental ,physical and verbal abuse. Initially her in laws tried to stop her husband from being so tyrannous and curel to her, but with time they also stopped interfering in matters because in agression husband starts abusing them also. She even don't have any cell phone since marriage and to talk to her family her husband use to dial the number and keep the call on loudspeaker also she was hardly ever allowed to meet her family.

After every fight when got injured, She has to seek the help from her siblings or father as she never got any medical assistance from her husband.

With time things got worse and finally she decided to leave her house and commit suicide. But when she enroute to do suicide , she came across a lady who guided her to approach any NGO. Then she came to know about MAIKA , and she came here and currently living here happily and safely with other women and kids. And now she is desiring to learn more skills, so she can live her life .

12. A Case Solved Who Was Suffering From Husband Harassment

A domestic violence survivor tells her stories in this video....

A 28-year-old girl named Priti had been a victim of domestic violence. The victim says that her husband pushed her from the running bike which caused many wounds in her body. Her matrimonial parents threw her out of the house after marriage. She was introduced to sweet home thereafter.

But for now, she would like to go to her paternal home in order to spend time with her father.

The victim was really touched by the love and care she got over here and the way she was treated and stated that " everyone treated me like my family member and children are facilitated with every single thing without any cost.

11. The story of a woman suffering from domestic violence

In this video, we are gonna hear about another victim who has been given shelter in MAIKA. The victim said that, though her husband has a source of income it leads to seeing the chaos in the family. When she asked the help of her matrimonial parents, they used to pressurize her so much. Then she had no other way than going to her paternal home but there also her husband's family threatened her parents to go back to her husband's family and because of this she even thought of committing suicide as she didn't wanna return. But she has 2 kids and can't leave them alone. Finally she has found shelter in MAIKA and gets every single thing without any cost. Her children are studying and happy.

According to the victim, Maika has a good environment and she is fearless now.

10. Broke relationship with wife by uttering talaq 3 times

In this video we are going to hear about domestic violence survivors whose husband threw her out of the house by just pronouncing three times TALAAQ. The victim says that her husband married another girl and told her to leave the house with her 2 kids. She requested her mother -in-law to help her but she refused to do so. After she was thrown out of her house, she had no idea where to go. Then someone told her about the MAIKA and sent her here.

She is really happy as she has found shelter where she doesn't have to pay for anything and get everything for free. She has not only found shelter but also learning beauty theory and stitching class which enables her to be independent. Her children are going to school. The victim said that she really feels happy and safe here and she does not want to leave this place.

9. Is the birth of a girl child being bad?

So, in this video, we had a woman who shared her story with us and raised an essential question among us, whether the birth of a girl child is terrible? In this story, she told us about the misfortune that happened to her due to the rude behavior that she received from her husband.

She told us that she even asked for her mother-in-law's help and she refused it, when she tried to go back to her home, they used to bring her back forcefully. Her husband even threatened to marry other women and leave her child and a young girl. All the ladies present over there who were listening to her story totally supported her and stood in complete support of her.

To help these women we at MAIKA provide them support, care, shelter, and the love they need.

8. See how a mother is making her dreams come true:

In this video, a mother is shown who is making her dreams come true. Even though she has a 3 years old kid still she is working hard to pursue her goal.

She has studied the course fashion designing and wants to pursue it further. She works to make new fashionable clothes and her dream is to organize a fashion show where all her designs are displayed.

To make these dreams come true MAIKA support these women so that they can fly and never stop.

7. Sweet home MAIKA:

In this video, we interviewed a domestic violence survivor who has faced a certain hardship in her life. This woman tells her story about the domestic violence she faced from her husband and her mother-in-law. She tells us that they even try to kill her.

She was pressurized so much that she even tried to kill herself and end her suffering but she couldn't do so as she knew she has to live for her 3 years old daughter.

She had to make a hard decision to leave everything and go but the MAIKA at sweet home provided her with the shelter she required. The victim said that she feels safe over here and the love she is getting from all the women in here was so welcoming.

6. Let's hear a tragic case of a woman:

In this video, the woman told us about his case of domestic violence and how sweet home helped her. She was too afraid after what happened to her and she was looking for a place to stay.

When she heard about the sweet home, she was too afraid that how would she live there, and how would be people around there. But when she came there, she felt this place like a home she was offered food clothes and loved by all those who were there.

She also felt that it is a safe environment for her child to grow. So here at MAIKA, we provide shelter to everyone who is in the need out there.

5. Domestic violence by the husband:

In this video, another victim of domestic violence was given a home in the Sweet Home Maika. In this story, a woman named Geeta has suffered domestic violence from her husband in which she was badly beaten by him, was not treated in a good manner, was not given food to eat, and also suffered mental harassment.

She tells us that they even try to kill her. She was pressurized so much that she even tried to kill herself. Her husband used to keep her hungry for days while eating food in front of her. he didn't allow them to get proper medication for her child and for herself.

Even the people who lived around could do anything. But when we heard about it, we provided her with the proper care medication, food, and shelter. She was given a new life over here. Her case was also registered through our help. And at the end, she was told that she is safe now and she can rest easy until everything is back to normal.

4. MAIKA case solved:

In this video, we met a woman who was 9 months pregnant and was forced to take shelter at the MAIKA. In her case, we learn that her husband used to come home and consumed liquor for quite some time which cause certain hardship between the two. She was ten forced to leave her home and go to the police.

That is where she heard about the sweet home and the place where she can seek shelter. Here at sweet home, we took care of the woman and provided her with food and a warm bed so that she can take care of her child in the womb. We provided her with the medication required she needed.

She felt that it is a safe environment for her child to grow. So here at MAIKA, we provide shelter to everyone who is in the need out there.

3. The true story of the sweet home MAIKA:

In this video, the true concept and story of the sweet home were shared when a woman was interviewed and she shared her experience of MAIKA. MAIKA has given that woman a new life, she was a victim of domestic violence and when she was pregnant, she faced certain difficulties while carrying out the baby.

But when she came to the sweet home, she found that this place was like a home to her. It provided her with the opportunity to get success in her life. She has studied the course fashion design and wants to pursue it further. She works to make new fashionable clothes and her dream is to organize a fashion show where all her designs are displayed.

The sweet home provides facilities for child development and counseling sessions. To make these dreams come true MAIKA support these women.

2. A true case:

In this video, we have a domestic violence survivor who shares her story with us. She said that her problems started before covid in which she was facing certain problems with her husband which she used to get dowry from the marriage and later on dropped her back of to her home, when a case was filed, he took her back to avoid conflict.

Later he refused to stay with her and ran away, she was left all alone with her elder daughter and that was the time of covid, he didn't even allow her to carry any economic activities, so she was forced to leave him and come to Delhi where she heard of the sweet home and took shelter in it.

Now she easily does whatever she wants and sees a future for her daughter.

1. Case of suicide attempter:

Today a girl was shown who has attempted suicide because her family used to torture her, her older brother use to drink liquor and used beat her without any reason. She was so tired of living that she attempted to kill herself.

But later she was advised to come to the sweet home where she started her new life and gained a perspective to live again.

Sweet home helps all those who are in the same situation and can't find any refuge from their problems.