Today Domestic Violence cases are 28,300 per 1,00,000 which are increasing more than the Rape Cases 4900 per 1,00,000 in India.

As you can see in every house many women/girls become the victim of many kinds of Domestic violence.

Many women become victims of many kinds of violence like sometimes a woman is beaten by her husband and his family for dowry, or woman is thrown out of her matrimonial home for giving birth to a girl child or many of the household woman is beaten by her intoxicated husband etc. there are many other hard situations are which a woman has to go through.

If a woman is thrown out of the house by her family or husband with her children then our society look them with very judgemental eyes and they start guessing that there will be a fault from woman side only and because of their narrow mentality they didn’t come on the front to help her.

The fear of the society disables her to take any step so that she can stand for justice. Then the only way for her is to go for a suicide with her children.

The Organization which has been set up by the Government like Sakhi One Stop Centre where the mother with her where they can’t stay more than 5 days.

In this situation child separated from her mother and sent to CWC and the mother will leave behind alone.

Here Mr. Avinash Jain’s Sangam Welfare Society starts their functioning by giving them food, shelter and every support which they need at that moment.

As the name “MAIKA” itself suggests – Mother’s House, Sangam Welfare Society has specially arranged “MAIKA” for women at Sweet Home Anathalaya. Sweet Home Maika is an organization where every needy woman who is a victim of domestic violence, divorced, widowed and who have no means of livelihood, they can live with their children.

We provide vocational training and education to such woman to make them self-reliant. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, religion, caste etc. any woman can approach to Sweet Home Maika.

Till now more than 1000 girls/woman have been educated and the needy women have been resettled by counselling.

You will be surprised to know that many women got so much self – confidence just by knowing about MAIKA and they have solved their problems.